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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

This history of computers site includes the names of early pioneers of math and computing and links to related sites for further study. A new "Timeline of the History of Computers and Related Technologies" has been added. This site was designed to be used by students assigned topics about the history of computers and computing. Original articles are footnoted and related links are included. One important purpose of this Web page, is to debunk myths some people create, such as "we have computers because of the military" (Not true). We have computers because man wanted to quantify as early as the ancient Chinese Dynasties, when they created the abacus and used it for calculating, and adding and subtracting in particular... Babbage and Lovelace were "programming" machines as early as the 1800's before any military computer in this country. 1801 was the creation of the Jacquard loom which used "punch cards



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